Tips to Prolong Your Nail Polish Life

Nail polish does not last longer especially if you used a bad quality nail polish. In order to prolong the life of your nail polish you have to apply and maintain it properly. Use bad apple cosmetics that last longer. The product is made from high-quality ingredients that can stand factors like heat and rain. Even exposed to a few amount of sunlight and rain your nail polish would not take off. Just make sure you applied it properly. If you can apply the nail polish the right way, you would be able to prolong its life.


There are techniques used for applying nail polish to prolong its life. First, you apply the primary coating then, you apply the nail polish color you prefer. You can apply it twice to make it thick and you have to apply it in the same directions which is from top to bottom or vice versa. Another way is to apply the last coating which is transparent that is used to make your nail polish shiny. The last coating is also used for strengthening the nail polish. Let your nail polish dry for a few minutes. Take care of your nail polish to last longer. Avoid activities that would cause it to be ruined or take off. Moreover, you must also avoid exposing it to too much heat or else it would melt, as well as exposing it to water. Soaking your hands from time to time will decrease the life of your nail polish.